Fun Stuff I Found Friday 23

Happy Friday everybody! I hope everyone’s already enjoying their weekend, or at least sneakily reading this at work.

This week we had reviews of Sine Mora, Grasshopper’s crazy plane shooter game and Trials Evolution, a game about killing motorbike riders. We also had a Podcast where I went a little more angry than usual. I wonder if I should make a series of my rants?

Meet the Pyro

Finally at long last Valve have released the ninth and final installment of their ‘meet the team’ videos for Team Fortress 2.

I was expecting a twist with this one, but nothing like this.

In Pursuit of Hat

This is one of those games that has a great idea behind it and makes you feel like an absolute genius when you figure a puzzle out.

You play as a brightly coloured… thing, that has the ability to rip its own limbs off and re-attach them harmlessly. You solve puzzles by leaving one of your arms behind to weigh a switch down. What more need I say?


Story tips from a Pixar employee

If any of you have wanted to write your own stories there are two great places to get inspiration. The first is this poster from Copyblogger.

The second is this great list of twenty tips from a writer at Pixar, so know their stuff.

Check it out here.

Singularity described by a bro

Just check it out… TIME!

Awesome short film of the week

I haven’t been to Newgrounds in years, it makes me happy to see they’re still going strong and bringing great stuff to the table.

This film reminded me a lot of ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ by Charlie Brooker in his ‘Black Mirror’ series.

Check Lucky Day Forever out here.

A great little internet story

I saw this a while back and remembered that I should have probably told you lot about it as well. So check out Internet Story.

A Day In The Life of Max Payne

Ever wondered what your favourite Gun-toting, Vest wearing, Asprin addicted hero did in his spare time? He goes out to the coast, gets together, has a few laughs.
But this is what Max Payne does.

Enjoy your weekend everybody. Today’s cover image was of a (fake apparently) baby hedgehog that I found here.


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